Emotional Skills Group
Spiritual Abuse Group
Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop

Emotional Skills Group / DBT

Life is often unpredictable and there are plenty of situations that are outside of your control. This group is about teaching you the skills to help manage what you can control… your response to what life throws your way. We will teach you skills to:

  • Grow in your self-awareness
  • Navigate social interactions in healthy ways to promote positive relationships
  • Proactively avoid impulsive emotional reactions and behaviors you regret later
  • Effectively tolerate distressing events when you cannot change your circumstances

Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Session cost: $30/session + $10 one-time materials fee
Contact: or 314-802-6232
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Spiritual Abuse Group

This is an eight-week group therapy for men and women who have been hurt by a past church or religious experience. This group provides a venue for participants to tell their story and ultimately seeks to lay a foundation upon which grief, lament, and forgiveness can eventually be built.

Mondays 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Session cost: $25/session
Contact: or 314-802-6232
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Hold Me Tight®/Created For Connection Couples Workshop

What: This 2-day workshop is being offered by EFT trained alum Brad Werner and Alicia Seidler, LPC through Crosspoint Church and Revision Christian Counseling. This workshop is based upon two books by Dr. Sue Johnson – Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. And Created for Connection – The “Hold Me Tight” Guide for Christian Couples which she wrote with Ken Sanderfer. These books offer a revolutionary new way to see and shape love relationships and is modeled after Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). You and your partner will learn to:

  • Share your deepest needs and desires with your partner
  • Create an environment for real understanding within your relationship
  • Recognize and then disable common and repetitive patterns
  • Deepen your emotional and physical connection
  • Restore the intimacy you once shared
  • Create a safe, secure and loving bond which enhances trust
  • Perpetuate what you’ve learned for a lifetime of love

When: More workshops are scheduled for July and September of 2019. Stay tuned!

Where: Crosspoint Church, 5001 Little Rock Road, Saint Louis, MO 63128

Cost: In past workshops, it has been $500 – $600 per couple

Registration: send an email to or call 314-802-6232 for more information or to register!

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